In the original writing of our Super Twilight Rules, we included “The rules are subject to change based on someone finding a loophole. ”  Well, that time has finally come.

With the inflation since our Super Twilight program was instituted, apparently $1 per minute per golfer past 8:00 is no longer a deterrent.  Golfers have been repeatedly offering to just pay the penalty to stay out with their carts and continue to golf past 8:00.  This is not the point of the system at all – the point is we close the golf course at 8:00 and need the carts back at that time so we can lock up and go home.

Effective immediately
The price for staying out past 8:00 is now $2 per minute per player.  We don’t intend on charging anyone, we just want the carts back on time.   You are more than welcome to return your cart at 8:00 and return to the course on foot to continue playing in the semi-darkness at your own risk.
If you do not come in at 8:00, you will also be put on the “No Cart List” and you will not be able to rent carts within 4 hours of our closing time in the future.

I know people don’t like our strict cart return policy, but please understand that I will sell this golf course and turn it into a landfill before I get rid of this policy.  Before the current rules were in place, I (or mostly my father) would be in nightly arguments at 8:45-9:00 PM with someone refusing to return their cart.  It was absolute torture and we will not be returning to those days.  We want everyone to come to Southers Marsh and have a wonderful time, but our hours are 6 AM-8 PM, seven days/week, and that is plenty of time for people to play golf.  Our super twilight pricing is deeply discounted to reflect the fact that you will not be able to finish all 18 holes.  Full policy

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and thank you for your continued support of Southers Marsh Golf Club.

Will Stearns

Unfortunately, right now we don’t have any tee times available because the course is still closed for the winter, but you can be the first to know when we have some! 

Get a text and email when your desired tee time becomes available.

We know that looking for cancelations or calling and refreshing over and over to find your desired times isn’t fun, so with our new virtual tee time assistant you will know right away when the time you want is available without needing to do anything. You can add desired playing preferences (time, dates, number of players) as far in advance as you would like – even all of 2024 in one go!

Here are some examples on how this works!

  • Sign up now and when we decide to open this Spring you will immediately get a notification when we open up tee times!  (The earliest day we might be open is Saturday, March 16.  We recommend searching for that date, and when those tee times become available, you will be the first to know.)
  • You want to play on Thursday afternoon, but we’re booked.  Luckily someone calls and cancels their tee time just 2 hours before they were scheduled to play.  You will get a notification that a time became available without having to keep checking back.
  • Playing Saturday mornings fits your schedule, but sometimes we have tournaments.  Instead of calling us or checking the website every week, put in every Saturday in May and as soon as there are tee times available you will be the first to know.

Choose whatever window works for you!  Try it now!

The Fine Print
This system is a tee time notification system only – you will still need to click the link and make your own tee time like you would normally.  All of our normal rules about how far out you can book tee times, etc. still apply.

Tee Times are first come first served so it is not guaranteed that the time will be available when you check. If you get a tee time for that day, you can easily pause your search by clicking the link the notification you receive. Have any questions? Email us or our partner contacts at Noteefy (

(Currently this is for the outdoor course only and not for The Barn.)

Personally, I am really excited about Saturday.  I know it’s a bummer that it’s only 18 holes, but I think almost anyone could win.  It should be really exciting and almost surprising if there isn’t a playoff.  Thank you everyone!

1A – Dave Marathas, Walter Hartley, Mike Costa, and Stan Magner
1B – Andy Gustin, Mark Stoddart, Gabe King, and Chris Vincent
2 – Tom Mills, Reed Bacchiocchi, Ted Flynn, and Jack Flynn
3 – Nick Baker, Colin Dillon, Rich Starsiak, and John Siever
4A – Daraugh McCann, Sam Flynn, Fran Kelly, and Corey Strobis
4B – Johnny Sheehan, Jeff Chevalier, Steve Hart, and Shaun Stokes
5 – Steve Buffington, Andy Rosen, Tom Audette, and Kevin Radke
6A – Craig Donnelly, Ed Thayer, Billy Bacchiocchi, and Ken Michaels
6B – John Montagino, Mark Graham, Mike Scharf, and Tony McGahan
7 – Eric Opachinski, Brandon Lemanski, Ben Parsons, and Seamus Kneeland
8 – Bobby Henderson, Tony DelGreco, Tim McCullough, and Jim Kelly

Dave LaRose701456Rahm73129
Jeff Nardone751758Koepka73131
Walter Hartley66858Lowry73131
Mark Bradley67958Morikawa74132
Paul Varney893059Rahm73132
Eric Ellsworth852263Hovland70133
Jim D’Angelo741460Koepka73133
Mike Sullivan64460Rahm73133
Don Welinsky781464Matsuyama70134
Bob Burke781761Rahm73134
Brian Gagnon751461Rahm73134
Gordon Lang771661Rahm73134
Mary Bacchiocchi812061Rahm73134
Ken Murphy721062Koepka73135
Dave Marathas65362Lowry73135
Eric Opachinski801961Morikawa74135
Nick Deprato801664Homa72136
Eric Shea71566Hovland70136
Jason Rowles72963Rahm73136
Paul Rodrigues791267Hovland70137
Joe Dwyer751659Johnson78137
Gabe King73964Koepka73137
Billy Bacchiocchi71764Lowry73137
David Wells771364Rahm73137
John Hallissey741064Rahm73137
Nick Baker69960Burns78138
Dan White831865Finau73138
Sean Hallissey781365Morikawa74139
Steve O’Brien73766Rahm73139
Dave Callbeck751065Young75140
Craig Donnelly861373Cantley68141
Rob Hitchings891871Hovland70141
Bob Henderson831667KH Lee74141
Jason Swan841767Morikawa74141
Jamie Andrews841668Day74142
Jim Milliken811665Burns78143
Colin Dillon781068Bennett76144
Evan Hallissey77968Bennett76144
Cam MacFarlane761066Burns78144
Sam Dillon1002674Hovland70144
Bobby McCormick851471Rahm73144
Reed Bacchiocchi77572Lowry73145
Brian Condon942272Rahm73145
Fran Kelly871374Koepka73147
Andy Rosen881375Spieth76151

Holes 1 and 10 – Dave Wells
Hole 4 – Eric Opachinski
Hole 5 – Gabe King
Hole 6 – Walter Hartley
Hole 7 and 18 – Billy Bacchiocchi
Hole 13 – Paul Rodrigues
Hole 16 – Dan White

Individual stroke play with 100% handicaps, plus the Saturday score of a player in the Masters of your choosing.  Black Tees (Yellow for women) and Tuesday League Rules.  If you are age 65 or older with a handicap of 10 or higher you may play from the blue tees.

Entry Fees: Members $10, Associate and Weekday Members $44, Guests $49.
Includes 18 holes of golf and lunch afterwards.

Carts: $16 per player, Prize Pool: $5, Birdie Pool: $5

Golf Course Closing this Weekend

Thank you for another great season at Southers Marsh!  Sunday, December 11 will be the last day for golf on the course.  In order to ensure good conditions when we reopen in the spring, we always close the course for the winter.  We are usually able to reopen the course in mid to late March.

Holiday Sale

Our Holiday Sale continues online or in person until December 23.  December 12-23, the pro shop will be open 10-3 daily.  If you would like to swing by in person on the weekend, you can buy gift certificates in the Barn from noon-8 on Saturday and noon-6 on Sunday.
If you order online….
Please allow 48 hours to have your order processed.
Dollar value gift cards will be sent via email – order by December 23 to receive by Christmas.
Multi-round passes will be sent via US Mail so you’re taking your chances.  I’d say December 20?

The golf course and the Barn will be completely closed December 24-26.

Barn Schedule 

Until December 23
Monday – Closed
Tuesday-Thursday – 3 PM-8 PM
Friday-Saturday – Noon-8 PM
Sunday – Noon-6 PM

December 24-26 – Closed

Holiday Week
December 27-December 30 – Noon-8 PM
December 31-January 2 – Noon-7 PM

Winter Barn League

The Barn League will start Tuesdays and Thursdays on January 3.   (Reservations must be made)
Pricing – $20 per player includes a 2 hour bay rental with unlimited golf balls.  Each week we play a different 9 hole course with full handicaps
Prizes – $5 cash for low net score (new players will need to establish a handicap)  Number of places paid will depend on number of entries
$5 Birdie Pool – (new players can be in the birdie pool only to start)

2023 Memberships

Currently, we do not have 2023 memberships available.  2022 members will will have their spots held until Friday, January 6, 2023, and after that we will start pulling from the wait list.  If you would like to be added to the membership waitlist, please call 508-830-3535 or email us.

Associate Memberships are available to purchase for $25 – If you have been shut out of tee times or tournament openings in the past, this may be the best money you spend all year.
– Book tee times 10 days in advance subject to availability.
– Be eligible to play in the Southers Marsh Tournaments. and get $7 off Southers Marsh Tournament Entry Fees

MGA handicap cards are no longer included in any memberships and must be purchased directly through the MGA here.

Again, thank you all for a great 2022 season and we look forward to more fun and adventure next year.  Please have a safe and happy holiday!

Willie,  JD,  Tanya, Scotty, Mike, and the rest of the Southers Marsh Team



Fall Greens Fees are in effect!

The Barn is Closed on Mondays

Greens are not aerated and won’t be in the month of October.  It’s still a great time to play golf, why screw it up?

Our leagues are over, but we are still running the birdie pools for all of them and you can still take advantage of the league rates.  (Actually $5 cheaper, but they no longer include a $5 lunch credit or an evening meal.)

Cranberry harvest will continue for the next 3 weeks or so at the golf course.  There are a lot of moving parts so I can’t say what we’ll be doing on any given day, but if you come out you may be lucky enough to see us in action.   The golf course will always remain open during harvest, but there may be a tee closed so we don’t put our workers in danger from errant golf balls.

New Barn Hours

Closed Monday May 2 but Open 7 Days/Week starting May 9
3 PM-8 PM
Friday-Saturday –
Noon-8 PM
Sunday –
Noon-6 PM (until 5/8)
Sunday – Noon-7 PM (starting 5/15)

No Greens Aeration this Spring

We deep tined our greens in December soon after we closed for the season, so we have no reason to aerate again until next fall.

Ladies Golf Free On Mother’s Day

All ladies will golf free on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8 including a golf cart.  Tee times will be required and will be available online starting on Thursday or call 508-830-3535.

Women’s League Starts May 4

No registration fees or long term commitments, just make a tee time and come when it is convenient for you.  Play 9 or 18 holes.  Details

Plenty of Time to Join a League

Again, there are no registration fees or long term commitments, just join the league that fits your game and make a tee time when it is convenient for you.

Spring Rates Until May 13

Still plenty of time to take advantage of our discounted rates!

We Are Not Currently Hiring

We appreciate all the interest in working at Southers Marsh, but we do not currently have any openings.  We hired a lot of people in the fall when all the college students went back to school.  Those people have returned for the spring, and all our college students want to come back when school is over, so if anything we are over full.  If you are still interested in working at Southers Marsh, please circle back around in early or mid August when we will once again be hiring for the fall.


Thank you for your continued support,
Willie, JD, Tanya, Scotty, Mike, and the rest of the Southers Marsh Team

Course Closed Monday, March 28

When you see an overnight low temp of 19 and a high of 35 with a North wind, that’s too cold.  We’re back in action on Tuesday!  The Barn will be closed like a usual Monday and the outdoor range will be open 10-3 if you really need a fix.

March Green Fees
Valid through April 1
Monday-Friday – $25 to walk, $40 to ride
Saturday-Sunday – $32 to walk, $47 to ride
Click the link above for twilight and super twilight discounts

April Green Fees
April 1-March 13
Monday-Friday – $32 to walk, $47 to ride
Seniors (Mon-Fri) – $25 to walk, $40 to ride
Saturday-Sunday – $39 to walk, $54 to ride
Click the link above for twilight and super twilight discounts

Leagues Starting First Week of April (Mostly)

The Monday (age 55+), Tuesday (back tees), and Thursday (middle tees) Leagues will start the week of April 4.  The Women’s League will start on May 4.  The price will be $5 cheaper until we start offering food.  If you are new to Southers Marsh Golf Leagues, this is a perfect opportunity to establish a handicap before we get fully into the season.  Click on any of the links above for more information, but there are no registration fees or commitments, just come when it is convenient for you!  You don’t need to sign up ahead of time, just make a tee time for that day and you can register for the league when you check in.

Barn League

We are going to keep the Barn League going on Tuesdays and Thursdays at least through April and see how demand is after that.

March Barn Hours
Monday – Closed
Tuesday-Friday – 1 PM-8 PM
Saturday – Noon-8 PM
Sunday – Noon-6 PM

April Barn Hours
Monday – Closed
Tuesday-Thursday- 3 PM-8 PM
Friday-Saturday – Noon-8 PM
Sunday – Noon-6 PM

Course conditions on March 1

Update March 8 – Expected Opening Day is March 25.

The question on everyone’s mind is “when do you think you’ll open the golf course?”

We can’t say for sure obviously because the weather will be unpredictable, but at this point we need melting, thawing, and drying.  Then it takes a some time for us to get everything lined up so the course is cleaned up and playable.

After 20 years, there have been some early March openings, a few more mid-March, and the last weekend of March is the most likely.  Since 2014, there have been 4 times we weren’t able to open until April, including 2015 when April 11 was opening day.  (We had to shovel the snow off the 9th and 13th green, which was pretty aggressive.)

If I had to guess, I’d say last weekend of March this year.  As always please check our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for the most up to the minute information, or this website of course.

Thank you everyone!  We hope to see you at the course sooner rather than later!

It’s that time of year again sports fans!  Feeling down that your team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl this year?  Let us give you something to look forward to – the annual unveiling of the Southers Marsh Super Bowl Ad!

Conveniently we won an award from Toptracer last week for Best Picture – the best original video highlighting Toptracer Range.   Last year’s ad, Save Our Berries, allows us to say (honestly) that we have “Award Winning Ads.”

It is with full confidence that I can say that the ad coming out on Sunday is definitely one of the 10 best we’ve ever produced.  If you can’t wait until Sunday to check out our new ad, take a walk down memory lane and see all our past glory.  I don’t know if these ad campaigns help our business, but they are a lot of fun to make.

As always, a huge thank you to our producers Glenn and Jenn Anderson of Viamark Video and Lou Leta of Digital Video and Consulting.  It’s like Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Martin Scorsese – you know there’s going to be magic.