Club Championship Pairings

Personally, I am really excited about Saturday.  I know it’s a bummer that it’s only 18 holes, but I think almost anyone could win.  It should be really exciting and almost surprising if there isn’t a playoff.  Thank you everyone!

1A – Dave Marathas, Walter Hartley, Mike Costa, and Stan Magner
1B – Andy Gustin, Mark Stoddart, Gabe King, and Chris Vincent
2 – Tom Mills, Reed Bacchiocchi, Ted Flynn, and Jack Flynn
3 – Nick Baker, Colin Dillon, Rich Starsiak, and John Siever
4A – Daraugh McCann, Sam Flynn, Fran Kelly, and Corey Strobis
4B – Johnny Sheehan, Jeff Chevalier, Steve Hart, and Shaun Stokes
5 – Steve Buffington, Andy Rosen, Tom Audette, and Kevin Radke
6A – Craig Donnelly, Ed Thayer, Billy Bacchiocchi, and Ken Michaels
6B – John Montagino, Mark Graham, Mike Scharf, and Tony McGahan
7 – Eric Opachinski, Brandon Lemanski, Ben Parsons, and Seamus Kneeland
8 – Bobby Henderson, Tony DelGreco, Tim McCullough, and Jim Kelly