Southers Marsh Masters Tournament

Dave LaRose701456Rahm73129
Jeff Nardone751758Koepka73131
Walter Hartley66858Lowry73131
Mark Bradley67958Morikawa74132
Paul Varney893059Rahm73132
Eric Ellsworth852263Hovland70133
Jim D’Angelo741460Koepka73133
Mike Sullivan64460Rahm73133
Don Welinsky781464Matsuyama70134
Bob Burke781761Rahm73134
Brian Gagnon751461Rahm73134
Gordon Lang771661Rahm73134
Mary Bacchiocchi812061Rahm73134
Ken Murphy721062Koepka73135
Dave Marathas65362Lowry73135
Eric Opachinski801961Morikawa74135
Nick Deprato801664Homa72136
Eric Shea71566Hovland70136
Jason Rowles72963Rahm73136
Paul Rodrigues791267Hovland70137
Joe Dwyer751659Johnson78137
Gabe King73964Koepka73137
Billy Bacchiocchi71764Lowry73137
David Wells771364Rahm73137
John Hallissey741064Rahm73137
Nick Baker69960Burns78138
Dan White831865Finau73138
Sean Hallissey781365Morikawa74139
Steve O’Brien73766Rahm73139
Dave Callbeck751065Young75140
Craig Donnelly861373Cantley68141
Rob Hitchings891871Hovland70141
Bob Henderson831667KH Lee74141
Jason Swan841767Morikawa74141
Jamie Andrews841668Day74142
Jim Milliken811665Burns78143
Colin Dillon781068Bennett76144
Evan Hallissey77968Bennett76144
Cam MacFarlane761066Burns78144
Sam Dillon1002674Hovland70144
Bobby McCormick851471Rahm73144
Reed Bacchiocchi77572Lowry73145
Brian Condon942272Rahm73145
Fran Kelly871374Koepka73147
Andy Rosen881375Spieth76151

Holes 1 and 10 – Dave Wells
Hole 4 – Eric Opachinski
Hole 5 – Gabe King
Hole 6 – Walter Hartley
Hole 7 and 18 – Billy Bacchiocchi
Hole 13 – Paul Rodrigues
Hole 16 – Dan White

Individual stroke play with 100% handicaps, plus the Saturday score of a player in the Masters of your choosing.  Black Tees (Yellow for women) and Tuesday League Rules.  If you are age 65 or older with a handicap of 10 or higher you may play from the blue tees.

Entry Fees: Members $10, Associate and Weekday Members $44, Guests $49.
Includes 18 holes of golf and lunch afterwards.

Carts: $16 per player, Prize Pool: $5, Birdie Pool: $5