Update to Super Twilight Rules

In the original writing of our Super Twilight Rules, we included “The rules are subject to change based on someone finding a loophole. ”  Well, that time has finally come.

With the inflation since our Super Twilight program was instituted, apparently $1 per minute per golfer past 8:00 is no longer a deterrent.  Golfers have been repeatedly offering to just pay the penalty to stay out with their carts and continue to golf past 8:00.  This is not the point of the system at all – the point is we close the golf course at 8:00 and need the carts back at that time so we can lock up and go home.

Effective immediately
The price for staying out past 8:00 is now $2 per minute per player.  We don’t intend on charging anyone, we just want the carts back on time.   You are more than welcome to return your cart at 8:00 and return to the course on foot to continue playing in the semi-darkness at your own risk.
If you do not come in at 8:00, you will also be put on the “No Cart List” and you will not be able to rent carts within 4 hours of our closing time in the future.

I know people don’t like our strict cart return policy, but please understand that I will sell this golf course and turn it into a landfill before I get rid of this policy.  Before the current rules were in place, I (or mostly my father) would be in nightly arguments at 8:45-9:00 PM with someone refusing to return their cart.  It was absolute torture and we will not be returning to those days.  We want everyone to come to Southers Marsh and have a wonderful time, but our hours are 6 AM-8 PM, seven days/week, and that is plenty of time for people to play golf.  Our super twilight pricing is deeply discounted to reflect the fact that you will not be able to finish all 18 holes.  Full policy

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and thank you for your continued support of Southers Marsh Golf Club.

Will Stearns