Updated May 28 – Due to a typo in an email and social media post we sent out, we are keeping Super Twilight carts at $10 until June 7.  After that the price will return to $12.  Our apologies, we’re going too many directions at once.

As of Monday, May 25, all golfers are allowed to take golf carts again!  If you are in the same household, you may ride in the same cart together, otherwise you must take your own cart.  We have 54 carts, which should be enough with 15 minute tee times, but not enough to guarantee that everyone will get a cart when they arrive at the course.

Updated Golf Cart Pricing
Subject to Change, Prices include tax
Single Rider in a golf cart – $20
Sharing a cart with another rider (same household) – $15
Super Twilight Golf Cart (per player, single or shared) – $12
League Golf Cart (per player, single or shared) – $10

We’re doing our best to keep our pricing the same as it has been, but one rider per golf cart means we’re taking in $20 per cart instead of $30.  The added sanitation and volume of carts requires twice as much staff to handle them.

Online booking will still be for walking only.   If there are carts available when you arrive, you can pay for your cart then.

Thank you for cooperation as we continue to try to navigate these trying times!


Updated Friday May 22

Thank you so much to everyone who has come out to play golf, and how cool everyone has been about the new rules.  We really appreciate your cooperation!

Updates and Observations

  • No more raised cups – we have the new “Covid Cups” that let you pull your ball from the cup by gently snagging a hook with your putter
  • We’re in a different time now – Please do not come to the course without a tee time, we are selling out daily
  • Still no golf carts unless you have a medical reason, and the driving range, practice green and clubhouse (including bathrooms) are still closed by order of the state.  We have no guidance on when we will be able to open these amenities
  • Golf Leagues are underway – for Memorial Day there won’t be a Monday league but our regular league players can still get the discount if you have a tee time, Tuesday will be starting the overall standings this week, we’re keeping the games simple on Wednesdays, and Thursdays are in full swing

Golf Outing Update

As of May 22, we are only allowed carts for medical reasons and tee times remain at 15 minutes.  There can be no gatherings before or after golf.  We understand this is completely different from the golf outing experience you are used to and totally understand if you would prefer to postpone or cancel your tournament.

We have no guidance as to when these restrictions will be relaxed, so for now, if you would still like to have your golf tournament, you will have to assign tee times for your players.  We can provide box lunches for your golfers as they check in to tee off.  We can put out hole sponsor signs, but it may be awkward asking businesses for financial support in the current climate.

Here are some ideas to replace the traditional raffle/silent auction:

  • Sell raffle tickets on the first tee.  If everyone has teed off by the time the first group finishes (3.5 hours?) you can pull the raffle tickets and golfers can collect their prizes as they come off the course.
  • Wheel of Fortune – we have the wheel.  Spin the wheel, win a prize on the spot!
  • Silent Auction Website – we are recommending One Cause because we’ve already had a group successfully use it, but I’m sure their are other options.  People can place their bids on their phones

For the time being, we are holding our 2021 calendar of outings as close to the 2020 calendar as we can.

We are not going to speculate on when regulations will be relaxed or when we’ll be able to return to normal, because frankly we have no idea, nor does anyone else.  When we have hard facts on changes in regulations we will adjust at that time.

As always, we appreciate your support!

Thank you,
Big Will, Willie, and the rest of the Southers Marsh Team

Some of you may notice a change in our tee time policies and pricing for next week if you are booking a tee time Monday-Thursday.  This week, in an effort to make online booking easier for our leagues, we made the price of all our tee times the league price.  We were not expecting the demand for tee times that occurred.  Here are the changes…

  • We are going back to our originally posted green fees for this season (Monday-Thursday $35, Friday-Sunday $41)
  • We are no longer requiring prepayment if you book online for Tuesdays or Wednesdays
  • If you want to take advantage of a league or senior discounted rate, it may be easier to call 508-830-3535 to make your tee time.
  • If you plan on playing regularly at Southers Marsh under the COVID restrictions, we recommend having us store your credit card info on file to streamline the reservation and payment process.  It will be stored securely in our point of sale system and is inaccessible to staff.
  • We are no longer accepting online tee times for singles.  Since we are not pairing golfers up and we have limited inventory of tee times, we are asking that you call 508-830-3535 to book your single time for before 8 AM or after 4 PM on busy days, or on a day with plenty of availability.

Thank you for your cooperation, we are working through our processes to find the best solution.

We appreciate your support,
Big Will, Willie, and the rest of the Southers Marsh Team

The regulations have been updated to allow use of golf carts for those who need an accommodation.  Please see below for the exact rules, but it is our understanding that if you want to take a golf cart please bring a letter to “certify in writing” that you have “a disability that requires use of a cart.”

At noon today Southers Marsh opened for business.

But we’re ready!  Here are the highlights of our state mandated restrictions.

  • No golf carts.  As of today there are no exceptions to this rule.
  • The clubhouse is closed, including the bathrooms
  • Payment should be made online through our tee time reservation system or over the phone before you come to the course.  When you book online you will be asked to prepay for your round.  If you see no availability, make sure you are searching for “W/O Cart.”  Tee times with carts are not currently available.
  • The range and practice green are closed
  • All golfers must maintain proper social distancing of at least 6 feet at all times
  • Tee times are 15 minutes apart – golfers must stay in their car until 15 minutes before their tee time and must return to their car immediately following play. No tailgating
  • We’re not pairing groups up.  If you have a twosome, you’re playing as a twosome.  You may have to be patient.
  • Flagsticks must remain in the hole. The hole liners are raised.  If you hit the cup, it’s in!
  • No rental clubs

Please follow the rules so we can all get through this.

Thank you!

So far this is all we have to go on.  On Tuesday I swore off the Reopening Rumor Mill and on Wednesday I was back in 100%.

Apparently we aren’t going to be given any warning as to when we can reopen.  Also, we have not been given guidance on how to handle bathrooms, carts, flagsticks, tee time intervals, etc.

We will not be taking tee times until we have the specific rules so we make sure our intervals and group sizes are compliant.  Once we are given the all clear, we hope to be open within a couple hours, but for now please plan on making a tee time before you show up to the course.

We appreciate your patience.  Hopefully we have better information soon.