Golf Cart Update – Good News

Updated May 28 – Due to a typo in an email and social media post we sent out, we are keeping Super Twilight carts at $10 until June 7.  After that the price will return to $12.  Our apologies, we’re going too many directions at once.

As of Monday, May 25, all golfers are allowed to take golf carts again!  If you are in the same household, you may ride in the same cart together, otherwise you must take your own cart.  We have 54 carts, which should be enough with 15 minute tee times, but not enough to guarantee that everyone will get a cart when they arrive at the course.

Updated Golf Cart Pricing
Subject to Change, Prices include tax
Single Rider in a golf cart – $20
Sharing a cart with another rider (same household) – $15
Super Twilight Golf Cart (per player, single or shared) – $12
League Golf Cart (per player, single or shared) – $10

We’re doing our best to keep our pricing the same as it has been, but one rider per golf cart means we’re taking in $20 per cart instead of $30.  The added sanitation and volume of carts requires twice as much staff to handle them.

Online booking will still be for walking only.   If there are carts available when you arrive, you can pay for your cart then.

Thank you for cooperation as we continue to try to navigate these trying times!