Phase 2 Update

Updated June 7 – everything is subject to change, we’re learning as we go

Starting on Monday, June 8 we will be entering phase 2 of reopening.  Here are the key changes and how they will be implemented at Southers Marsh.

  • Bathrooms in the clubhouse will be reopened.  We will not have porta-potties on the course.
  • Please don’t come to the course without a tee time, and please don’t ask if you can go out early.  With every tee time filled, we can’t sneak people in or let people go out early, it backs everything up later.
  • Tee times will go from 15 minutes apart to 12 minutes.  We will start implementing that on Thursday June 11 since the tee sheets were already mostly filled Monday-Wednesday.
  • The outdoor driving range and practice green will be open.  We will be monitoring our driving range situation since we have very limited capacity due to our new range building.  Golfers must wear masks on the driving range.
  • We will still be checking in via the office window nearest the practice green to minimize unnecessary traffic inside the clubhouse.  If you would like to purchase apparel or use the bathroom please let us know and you can come into the building.
  • We will have limited seating on the deck and lawn for food and beverage service 11 AM-3 PM.  We will be following the state mandated guidelines for restaurants in phase 2.

Like I said, we are feeling our way along and trying to implement best practices so everything is subject to change.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we try to gradually reopen safely and smoothly.

We truly appreciate your support,
Big Will, Willie, and the rest of the Southers Marsh Team