Update on Outings and Events

One of the most frustrating things about the release of the updated Massachusetts COVID safety rules is the focus on the allowance of  “100 people inside or 150 people outside.”

While this may be technically true, there are certain regulations that need to be in place in order to accommodate that many people. For example:

  • Face coverings are still required, indoors or outside during gatherings
  • Six feet of separation between tables (this prevents us from reaching the 100 or 150 person maximum)
  • Buffets remain closed
  • Rooms and hallways need to be marked to indicate six feet of separation

There is only vague guidance on what will change on May 29, but I have seen no mention of a loosening of the mask requirement.   As we have said before, we do not anticipate hosting shotgun events until the mask mandate has been lifted.  We want every person who steps onto the property to have a wonderful experience, and we don’t want to be put in the position of having to settle disputes between those guests who are behaving as if it’s business as usual and those guests who prefer to be more cautious.  In a large group there will definitely be both.





We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience; we are just trying to go about this appropriately and not put our guests, employees and our business at risk.

Thank you,
Willie, JD, Tanya, Mike, and the rest of the Southers Marsh Staff