This weekend, August 29 and 30, is the Massachusetts Sales Tax Free Holiday.

We have some nominal price changes for the weekend to reflect the fact we won’t be charging sales tax.

Golf Carts

Shared Golf Cart per rider – $14
Single Golf Cart due to Covid – $19
Super Twilight Golf Cart – $11

Driving Range and Barn

Half Bucket Outside – $3.25
Full Bucket Outside – $6.50

The Barn – Half Bucket – Introductory Rate – $5.50
The Barn – Full Bucket – Introductory Rate – $11
The Barn – Reserved Bay – Introductory Rate – $37.50/hour

Walter Hartley won on the first hole of a playoff against Dennis Mello to win the 2020 Southers Marsh Club Championship.  We had a record 30 players for the event, which was awesome to see.  Thank you so much to everyone who played!


First Round Leaders
1. Bill Bacchiochhi – 66
2. George Costa – 67
3. Tom Audette – 71
4. Jay Rowles – 72
5.(t) Steve Buffington – 73
5.(t) Dave LaRose – 73
5.(t) Dennis Mello – 73
8.(t) Walter Hartley – 74
8.(t) Reed Bacchiocchi – 74

The front nine was a struggle yesterday.  In the last 2 groups no one made a birdie on the front, but there was trouble left and right.  George Costa started his weekend by breaking his eight iron practicing Friday afternoon and then started with a triple bogey on 1.  Tom Audette got his triple out of the way on 4, and then Bill Bacchiocchi 5 putted on 6 after missing a 3″ tap in for par.  The only one who even thought about making a move was Steve Buffington who birdied 2 and 4 before making a string of bogies.  The highlight of the front nine was a hole-in-one by Dave LaRose on 7.  Quietly, defending champ Reed Bacchiocchi, Dennis Mello, and Walter Hartley all had decent front nines to pull into the lead pack after being 7 and 8 strokes back.  Paul Rodrigues shot 34 to pull within one stroke, and Steve Hart had the low front nine score of 33 to get onto the first page of the leaderboard.  

27 Hole Leaders
1.(t) George Costa – 67-42=109
1.(t) Reed Bacchiocchi – 74-35=109
1.(t) Dennis Mello – 73-36=109
4.(t) Bill Bacchiocchi – 66-44=110
4.(t) Walter Hartley – 74-36=110
4.(t) Paul Rodrigues – 76-34=110
7.(t) Jay Rowles – 72-39=111
7.(t) Nick Baker – 77-34=111
9.(t) Steve Buffington – 73-39-112
9.(t) Steve Hart – 79-33-112
9.(t) Andy Rosen – 77-35=112

After 27 holes, there were 11 players within 3 shots of the lead, and it was really anyone’s jacket to grab.  With so much action, I will now mark 5 players with their time of death…

Hart – Hole 10 – Double Bogey
Rosen – Hole 12 – Double Bogey
Rodrigues – Hole 12 – Triple Bogey
Buffington – Hole 13 – Double Bogey
Baker – Hole 15 – Triple Bogey

Leaders with 4 holes left…..
1. Dennis Mello – 125
2. George Costa – 126
3.(t) Walter Hartley – 127
3.(t) Bill Bacchiocchi – 127
5. Reed Bacchiocchi – 128
6.(t) Jay Rowles – 129
6.(t) Nick Baker – 129

At this point every stroke counted.  Rowles made a birdie on 15 but was too far back at this point.  Billy Bacchiocchi made unfortunate bogies on 15 and 18 to just miss out on the playoff.  Hartley and Reed both made costly bogies on 16.  Costa took doubles on 16 and 17 to take himself out of contention.  Mello also bogied 15 and then made a double on 17 that cost him a win in regulation.

Second Round Scores
1.(t) Dennis Mello – 73-69=142
1.(t) Walter Hartley – 72-68=142
3.(t) Bill Bacchiocchi – 66-77=143
3.(t) Reed Bacchiocchi – 74-69=143
5. George Costa 67-77=144

First Ever Playoff in Southers Marsh Club Championship History

There was a capacity crowd on the deck and lawn when Hartley and Mello went back to the 18th tee  for the playoff.  We’ll gloss over the details, but Walter gutted it out to take the hole and win his first Club Championship.  

Thank you very much to everyone who played.  We’re really happy with the level of participation, and we will be planning another event for September, so please stay tuned.

Saturday Skins
Holes 2 and 4 – Steve Buffington
Hole 7 – Dave LaRose – Hole-in-One
Hole 8 – Nick Baker
Hole 9 – Paul Rodrigues
Holes 10 and 17 – Daraugh McCann
Hole 11 – Tom Audette
Hole 12 – Colin Dillon
Hole 13 – Dennis Mello
Hole 15 – Jason Rowles

Net Winners
Players can’t win in both gross and net (top 3 places pay for each)
1.(t) Bobby Henderson – 154-110
1.(t) Steve Hart – 148-110
3. George Costa – 144-116

Saturday, August 22

12:00 PM Todd ChambersTroy ChambersJohn WigginsEd Webber
12:10 PMJohn Lenoci Lisa Lenoci Corey WigginsAustin Beatty
12:20 PM John NilandGreg NilandAmara NilandSean Murray
12:30 PMDempseyDempseyDempseyDempsey
12:40 PMDaNatalieDaNatalieDaNatalieDaNatalie
12:50 PMGuigliGuigliGuigliGuigli
1:00 PMAndy LimeAndyAndyAndy
1:10 PMJoe HannonKathy HannonDaryl PickardPatty Pickard
1:20 PMJohn DunleaChris DunleaSamantha DunleaAndrew
1:30 PMJohn HarringtonJared CraigTeresa Craig
1:40 PMSteve Croghan Jr Bill DennaheyRob Newcomb Chris Mulray
1:50 PMHank MoylanChris McAndrews Brian FerrisJohn
2:00 PMSteve Croghan SrMegan CroghanPat LeonardDave Blauss
2:10 PMDavid SiereveldPatrick SiereveldRielly Siereveld
2:20 PMPatrick CroghanPat Croghan JrSteve

Closest to the Pin Contests on Holes 7 and 14
Long Drive on Hole 18

Updated August 31
As we continue to feel our way along with our latest venture, here are some updates.

Current Hours – 11:15 AM to 7:30 PM – Toptracer does not work in the dark.  Lights will be installed within the next 10 days, which will allow us to stay open later.

Pricing Changes
Bay Reservations 
(reserved in 2 hour blocks, including sales tax)
Each bay accommodates up to 4 players and includes range balls
Monday-Friday Before 3:00 PM – $25 per hour
All Other Times – $40 per hour
If you start your reservation at 2, you’ll pay $25 for the first hour and $40 for the second hour

Walk-in Buckets
We will still have 2 bays reserved for walk-in buckets.  If you want to hit a bucket in the barn, please do not reserve a bay for 2 hours.  Buckets are for walk-ins only.  Our hours are now 11:15 AM to 8:00 PM.  The last bucket will be sold at 7:30.
Pricing (including sales tax)
Monday-Friday Before 2:30 PM – Full Bucket – $12, Half Bucket – $6
All Other Times – Full Bucket – $20, Half Bucket – $10

Change to Reservations – Updated August 19
Due to the demand we’re experiencing, we’re now accepting reservations for 8 bays instead of just 4.  Additionally, bays will be reserved in blocks of 2 hours instead of just one.  Our experience in the first few weeks has been that one hour is not enough to fully enjoy the Toptracer experience, so now we are booking 2 hours blocks so we don’t have to kick people out before they are ready to leave.

Thank you for your support!

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Billy Bacchiocchi leads the pack with a 66 and George Costa is only a stroke back.  Saturday morning it’s on!

8:00Bruce Kannenberg88Kevin Radke84Craig Donnelly84
8:12Bobby Henderson76Ken Michaels83Tim Wright82Daraugh McCann83
8:24David LaRose73David Wells86Jim Milliken91Steve Maroney82
8:36Steve Buffington73Paul Rodrigues76Andy Rosen77Steve Kenyon85
8:48Scott Savastano77Shaun Stokes81Shayne Barnes79Steve Hart79
9:00John Hallissey75Andy Gustin78Colin Dillon76Nick Baker77
9:12Walter Hartley74Reed Bacchiocchi74Dennis Mello73Jay Rowles72
9:24Bill Bacchiocchi66George Costa67Tom Audette71

Saturday, August 8

Tee Times revised Thursday, August 6

7:30 AMJoe DirksmeierGreg RomanMike DrakosPeter Dirksmeier
7:40 AMTim TullisSue TullisSam TullisCaleb
7:50 AMBrian RogersChris MirskiMark CallahanJames Fontoni
8:00 AMMichael GuerreraMike McMahonCraig SchultzMatt Cotter
8:10 AMJason TrantEric TrantJoseph TrantMathew Trant
8:20 AMGeorge TrantJames TrantDavid TrantScott Trant
8:30 AMBrian FitzGeraldAJ LabreqcueMike SnowdalePat Mullen
8:40 AMAnthony BissantiGreg NelsonGranger KenlyNick Birse
8:50 AMBrendan KearyJoe ReganBill WilkinsonJon Guissarri
9:00 AMAndrea GreenbergLindsay ZArielleAnnaliese
9:10 AMAndrew TullisShaun IrwinMike MeehanDana Bouras
9:20 AMTJ TullisLuke ButeraNick QuattrucciNick Wood
9:40 AMDonna LeitaoDebbie CreggAnne BunkerMichelle Roulstone
9:50 AMJeffrey HowardJamie HowardJim FruciRobby Corrigan
10:00 AMjames needhamJason MahoneyRyan OwensJoey Mulchern
10:10 AMChris HennesseyMike HennesseyErin HennesseyBob Hennessey
10:20 AMCathi ThomasMarty ThomasPaul ChenetteDiane Chenette
10:30 AMKristin StapletonBill StapletonLisa ChoquetteDan Harvey
10:40 AMJamie McDonaldChris NardoneRob RandallSeamus Standish
10:50 AMDaniel EmordDan GargiuloMatt CoteRay Meloney
11:00 AMMark DirenzoNelson GomesTony RiberioMario Cura
11:10 AMJosh MacomberMike McGonagleBrian WoodberryAnthony Direnzo
11:20 AMPeggy DirenzoDorothy DirenzoJessica HansonKyla Hanson

Thank you so much for your cooperation during these uncertain times!

Big Will, Willie, Tanya, JD, and the rest of the Southers Marsh Team