Club Championship – Saturday Tee Times

Billy Bacchiocchi leads the pack with a 66 and George Costa is only a stroke back.  Saturday morning it’s on!

8:00Bruce Kannenberg88Kevin Radke84Craig Donnelly84
8:12Bobby Henderson76Ken Michaels83Tim Wright82Daraugh McCann83
8:24David LaRose73David Wells86Jim Milliken91Steve Maroney82
8:36Steve Buffington73Paul Rodrigues76Andy Rosen77Steve Kenyon85
8:48Scott Savastano77Shaun Stokes81Shayne Barnes79Steve Hart79
9:00John Hallissey75Andy Gustin78Colin Dillon76Nick Baker77
9:12Walter Hartley74Reed Bacchiocchi74Dennis Mello73Jay Rowles72
9:24Bill Bacchiocchi66George Costa67Tom Audette71