Fall Updates

Fall Greens Fees are in effect!

The Barn is Closed on Mondays

Greens are not aerated and won’t be in the month of October.  It’s still a great time to play golf, why screw it up?

Our leagues are over, but we are still running the birdie pools for all of them and you can still take advantage of the league rates.  (Actually $5 cheaper, but they no longer include a $5 lunch credit or an evening meal.)

Cranberry harvest will continue for the next 3 weeks or so at the golf course.  There are a lot of moving parts so I can’t say what we’ll be doing on any given day, but if you come out you may be lucky enough to see us in action.   The golf course will always remain open during harvest, but there may be a tee closed so we don’t put our workers in danger from errant golf balls.