Updated Sunday, March 22
For the time being, Southers Marsh Golf Club will remain open for golf.  This is subject to change at a moment’s notice.  We are also open based on the weather – if it is cold or wet at all during the day, please check our website, twitter, or call 508-830-3535 before coming over.

Being open is not a decision we have come to lightly.  COVID-19 is a pandemic and there is a State of Emergency in Massachusetts and the nation.  There are real risks involved.  However, we feel people can hold true to the principles of social distancing and play golf at the same time.

If you would like to prepay for your round of golf to avoid coming into the clubhouse at all, please call 508-830-3535 and give your credit card information over the phone.

There will be some necessary modifications to your golf experience.  We are striving for a “touch-free” round.  We have removed the bunker rakes, divot boxes, and water coolers from the golf course.  We are asking people to putt with the flagstick in rather than touching it and removing it.  We will not be pairing up twosomes or singles with each other so you will not be playing with strangers.  We are recommending walking, but if you want carts for each individual player, we will accommodate that.  Obviously, we will not have dine-in food or beverage service, so we will be serving prepackaged food and beverage only to bring onto the course.  We will be diligent in wiping surfaces, door handles, faucet handles, and any other touch points in the clubhouse.  We will be sterilizing cart steering wheels, handles, and seats.  In short we will be doing our best to limit your exposure.  Fortunately, golf is an outdoor sport played with up to a maximum of 4 players at a time.

Please use your own best judgement.  If you are at a higher risk of getting seriously ill from this disease (you’re older, and/or have chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease) please don’t come to Southers Marsh until this pandemic is behind us.  If you feel sick, please do not come to the course.

We are hoping we can offer a small haven with some sense of normalcy in this crazy world.  Please stay safe out there.

Thank you all for another great season. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has not cooperated the last few weeks so we are closing the course and driving range for the season. The Frostbite Tournament is also cancelled.

The pro shop will be open Monday-Saturday 10 AM-3 PM for the sale of gift certificates, memberships, and Southers Marsh apparel and accessories. If you prefer you may buy gift cards, multi-round passes, and memberships online. There is no charge for shipping and handling.  Purchase your 2020 golf membership by January 3 for the best pricing.

Every year we close the golf course for the winter. We do not want to ruin our course conditions for the spring by playing at a time when the grass cannot repair itself. Going into Winter 2020, the turf at Southers Marsh has never been in better condition.  With a reasonable winter, we should be in great shape when we reopen, usually in mid to late March depending on the weather and when the course dries out.

Again, thank you all for your support this past season!  We hope to see you back at the Southers Marsh sooner rather than later!

Thank you,
Big Will, Willie, and the rest of the Southers Marsh Team

The weather has not been particularly cooperative lately, but the golf course will remain open weather permitting until further notice (usually mid-December in a typical year).

Upcoming Schedule
Late Fall Greens Fees are in effect.
Carts must be returned by 4:30.  Greens will not be aerated.

The golf course will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.  
Friday, November 29 (Black Friday) is typically a very busy day.  If you are interested in playing on that day, please make a tee time sooner rather than later because we do fill up if the weather is reasonable.

Winter Rates will go into effect on Saturday, November 30.

Thank you all for your continued support!

No Greens Aeration
September and October can be the best months of the year to play golf, so why screw it up with holes in the greens? Obviously punching the greens is a very important maintenance practice, but we like to wait until the busiest part of the season is over before we face that inconvenience.  We will not be aerating greens before November 4 at the earliest.

Twilight Rates Start at 2 PM
In other news, our Twilight Rate now starts at 2 PM and Super Twilight starts at 4 PM.  This correlates with the cart return time being earlier as well. Days are getting shorter – it feels like fall is in the air, so get your golf in now!

No Leaves!
Another bonus of playing fall golf at Southers Marsh is that we have very few deciduous trees, so you can spend more time playing golf and less time searching for your ball in a pile of leaves.

Tuesday, August 13 will be the first round of the 2019 Club Championship during normal league play.
The second round will be on Saturday, August 17 at 8 AM.  

Defending Champion: Mike Sullivan

To participate, pay and play as usual on Tuesday, and pay your prize pool for Saturday ($10 prizes, $5 birdies) before you tee off for your Tuesday League round if you would like to play in the Club Championship.  There will be gross and net prizes for the Club Championship.

Green Fees: Green fees, cart, and lunch will be $50 total for the Saturday round.  Tuesday will be the normal league fees.  There will not be a separate Tuesday Club Championship birdie pool.

To be eligible, you must be a season pass holder, weekday pass holder, associate member, or have played at least 8 times in the Tuesday League this year. 

Women’s Club Championship – Wednesday, August 14 during normal league play
Senior Club Championship – (ages 50+) Monday, August 19 during normal league play

Happy Fourth Everyone!

Due to the holiday on Thursday, we will not be having the Women’s League or the Thursday League this week.  If you are a member of the those leagues, you may play at the regular league rate, but there won’t be any games, pools, or evening meals.  Please reserve a tee time if you would like to play on either of those days, even if you are a regular league member with a regular tee time.

Wednesday, July 3 – No Women’s League
Thursday, July 4 – No Thursday League, no Food Service available
Friday, July 5th – a busy day at the course, please do not come to play without making a tee time first.

Remember to look for our float in the Plymouth Fourth of July Parade!

Thank you for your continued support, and please have a safe and happy holiday!

Check out our newly redesigned online store and get Dad something he truly wants this Father’s Day.  We have a selection of multi-round passes at discounted rates from the already huge savings you can usually take advantage of.  Here are some examples –

6 Round Weekday Pass with Cart – $219 – Save $75
10 Round Weekday Pass – $239 – Save $101
10 Round Senior Pass with Cart – $299 – Save $121
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Savings compared to full rate.

It always slows down a little in the afternoon on holiday weekends,
so we’re offering these specials
(you must book through these links)

Saturday AfternoonSunday AfternoonMonday Afternoon

$29 to walk and $44 to ride

Format: Individual Stroke Play with 100% Handicaps – Each player may use 3 clubs of their choice, plus a putter.
Tees: Blue Tee Markers on odd holes, Black on even holes
Sign-up Deadline: Thursday, May 23
Entry Fees: Season Pass Holders – $10, Associate Members, Weekday Pass Holders – $35, League Members and Guests – $40, includes greens fees and lunch after golf.
Carts: $15 per rider (optional)
Prizes: $10 per player prizes, $5 optional skins pool

Online registration is now closed.  As of 1 PM on Thursday 5/23 we only have room for a couple singles.  Call 508-830-3535 if you would like to take one of those spots.

We’re not sure who is behind this conspiracy, but another Sunday and another rainout.  This is getting ridiculous.  We apologize to all the ladies who wanted to take advantage of free golf.  We will try again next year.

The golf course and range are closed for the day.