Unfortunately, right now we don’t have any tee times available because the course is still closed for the winter, but you can be the first to know when we have some! 

Get a text and email when your desired tee time becomes available.

We know that looking for cancelations or calling and refreshing over and over to find your desired times isn’t fun, so with our new virtual tee time assistant you will know right away when the time you want is available without needing to do anything. You can add desired playing preferences (time, dates, number of players) as far in advance as you would like – even all of 2024 in one go!

Here are some examples on how this works!

  • Sign up now and when we decide to open this Spring you will immediately get a notification when we open up tee times!  (The earliest day we might be open is Saturday, March 16.  We recommend searching for that date, and when those tee times become available, you will be the first to know.)
  • You want to play on Thursday afternoon, but we’re booked.  Luckily someone calls and cancels their tee time just 2 hours before they were scheduled to play.  You will get a notification that a time became available without having to keep checking back.
  • Playing Saturday mornings fits your schedule, but sometimes we have tournaments.  Instead of calling us or checking the website every week, put in every Saturday in May and as soon as there are tee times available you will be the first to know.

Choose whatever window works for you!  Try it now!

The Fine Print
This system is a tee time notification system only – you will still need to click the link and make your own tee time like you would normally.  All of our normal rules about how far out you can book tee times, etc. still apply.

Tee Times are first come first served so it is not guaranteed that the time will be available when you check. If you get a tee time for that day, you can easily pause your search by clicking the link the notification you receive. Have any questions? Email us or our partner contacts at Noteefy (Natalie@noteefy.app)

(Currently this is for the outdoor course only and not for The Barn.)