No Greens Aeration
September and October can be the best months of the year to play golf, so why screw it up with holes in the greens? Obviously punching the greens is a very important maintenance practice, but we like to wait until the busiest part of the season is over before we face that inconvenience.  We will not be aerating greens before November 4 at the earliest.

Twilight Rates Start at 2 PM
In other news, our Twilight Rate now starts at 2 PM and Super Twilight starts at 4 PM.  This correlates with the cart return time being earlier as well. Days are getting shorter – it feels like fall is in the air, so get your golf in now!

No Leaves!
Another bonus of playing fall golf at Southers Marsh is that we have very few deciduous trees, so you can spend more time playing golf and less time searching for your ball in a pile of leaves.