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Southers Marsh Golf Leagues are open to everyone who wants to play. There are no registration fees or long term commitments.

Printable League Rules

Click below for printable league rules specific to each league:
Senior League Rules (Mondays, Middle Tees, Ages 55 and over)
Tuesday League Rules (Back Tees)
Thursday League Rules (Middle Tees)

Southers Marsh Golf League Rules

These rules following rules have been adopted in an effort to insure the enjoyment of those who participate in this league. In fairness to everyone, all players must have an established quota commensurate with their skill level.

Time: Anytime on the specified day as long as you play with another league player.

League Fees: Includes 18 holes w/cart and evening meal or $5 lunch credit
Senior League (Mondays): $32, or $27 if food is unavailable
Tuesday and Thursday Leagues: $34

Prizes: Senior League: $2.50 prize pool, $2.50 skins pool
Tuesday and Thursday Leagues: $5 prize pool, $5 skins pool is optional
In the unlikely event that there are no skins in any given week, the pool will carry over to the next week. All birdies must be circled on your scorecard to receive credit.

Prize Distribution:

Places Awarded

Scoring: Scoring is done using the quota system. Points are earned or lost for each hole played according to the following schedule (please pick up after failing to make double bogey):
Eagle: 8 points
Birdie: 4 points
Par: 2 points
Bogey: 1 points
Double Bogey: 0 points
Triple Bogey or higher: -1 point Tuesday League Only
- Monday and Thursday Leauges get 0 pts

Every player has a quota and the object is to make as many points as possible over your quota. For first time players, your quota is calculated by subtracting your handicap from 36. For example, if you are a 7 handicap, you must make 29 points to reach your quota or a 20 handicap must earn 16 points. The player with the most points over their quota is the winner.

Player's Quotas: Every week all players' quotas will be adjusted based on their previous round in league play. If a player does not reach his quota in a given week, his quota will be lowered by one full point. If a player exceeds his quota, their quota will be adjusted upward by half of the number of points scored over quota. For example, if a player shoots plus 6, next week his quota increases by 3. If a player exceeds his quota by an odd number, for example, 3, his 1.5 will be rounded up to the next whole number, 2. This will ensure every player an even shot at winning.

Course management reserves the right to make adjustments to a player's quota as it deems appropriate, without question. We must protect our regular league players from sandbaggers.

First Time Players: All players are always eligible for birdie pool. First time players are not eligible to participate in the prize pool, but must submit their handicaps (or best guess) and their league score to start establishing a quota. Following their first round, course management will assign a quota for the next week (usually 5-8 points above the player's first week's score). For the first 4 weeks of a player's participation in the league, that player will be "on probation" in terms of their quota, to make sure it is actually a good number. During this time, no scores over +4 will be allowed, and their quotas will be adjusted accordingly. Even players with USGA handicaps will have to go through this process as their handicap established at other courses may travel differently to Southers Marsh. This process is to protect the long-standing members of the league.

All quotas are valid for two years following the last round played in the league. If a player's quota does expire, he will need to establish a new one as though he were a first time player.

Keeping Score: Enter a player's score for each hole on the left side of the box and dots for points earned on the right. Please write each player's first and last name on the scorecard. Unless your name is Mortimer, chances are someone else in the league has the same first name as you do. Please keep all scores for your group on the same scorecard.

Rules of Play:
1. All putts must be holed. No gimmes.
2. Preferred Lies are not allowed.
3. Balls hit into the bogs: All bogs shall be played as lateral hazards. Players may choose from the following:
   1. Play your next shot from the designated drop area - 1 stroke penalty
      a. In the Tuesday League there are only drop areas on holes 1, 3, and 17. Please drop at the gold tees, not where the drop area signs are.
   2. Take your stance at the ball's point of entry into the hazard and drop within 1 club length - 1 stroke penalty
   3. Replay from the tee - 1 stroke penalty
NOTE: Incurring a "one stroke penalty" explained - For example, your tee shot goes into the bog. You now will be hitting your third shot after you have taken relief. (One shot into the bog, one penalty shot to get out of the bog, hitting your third shot from one of the 3 relief options above.)
4. Cart paths: You may take relief if your ball or your stance is on a path. You must drop at your nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. If your nearest point of relief is in the woods, you may play the ball from the path or take relief in the woods. If your nearest point is in a bog, you may move to the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.

Overall Quota Championship: Tuesday and Thursday Leagues only
$1 from all players' entry fees each week will go towards the overall quota pool and end of the year appreciation event (whether or not players meet the tournament criteria). To qualify for end of the year prizes a player must play 15 weeks out of a possible 23 weeks. Only each player's 10 best scores of the season will count towards the cumulative championship. Cost of the year end league appreciation event (to be held on a Sunday afternoon in October) is as follows: Played 15 times of 23 - free, 10 times - $20, 5 times - $35. The appreciation tournament will include 18 holes with a cart and a meal to follow. If there are an unusual number of rainouts, the qualifying thresholds will be adjusted by course management.